The myopic view and lack of futuristic approach in Pakistan

Oh Well!! it is that time of the year again when we have unannounced load shedding, extended power cuts and loads of UPS failures. However, unfortunately we never were nor are we willing to be proactive. We won’t change right? No matter how expensive the generator’s fuel might be or how many bucks we would have to spend to get the UPS fixed, we would still not GO GREEN!!

I am into the Renewable Energy Sector for the past two years and every time I find someone sceptical about putting up a solar system at their premises be it home, office or factory, I request them to see it as an investment and not just a mere expense.

Initially we as a company were criticised for being too vague in what we claimed. So we got the services of UHY Hassan Naeem and Co for a third party independent audit and got a financial feasibility report prepared for all the systems we offer at Premier Energy.

And to top it all, we not only supported the concept of Net Metering but we also go it implemented at one of the leading Apparel Manufacturing Firms at Quaid e Azam Industrial Estate for a 32Kw Grid Tied Solar Power Plant. For those who do not know Net Metering, it is the mechanism that allows you to sell back excess electricity to the grid through a two way meter. YES not only do you become a power generator, you are able to earn from your solar system installation as well.

Coming back to the point, with the financial feasibility given in written and with net metering made operational, the payback period has dropped down tremendously making it a wise financial decision. Above all who would think about Mother Nature?

Again we lack a proactive approach!! We witnessed smog this year; God knows what would happen after two to three years. But have we changed? In any possible way? Have we ever thought about the world our next generation would have to breathe in? NO!! All we care for is our own well-being. We are alive, making and saving money, we have a home to live in and a few bucks in our accounts and that’s all we need.

But have you thought what would happen when the last reserve of fuel depletes or when CO2 emission turns alarming or when the energy shortfall hinders your businesses, your exports, your offices, your homes and we get back to the Stone Age with kerosene lanterns?

Before you picture that in your head, we have got the SOLUTION!!

Starting from a simple solar rechargeable lantern to turnkey solar solutions, from micro hydro solutions to energy conservations solutions, from energy efficient led lighting systems to offering the best wind energy solutions, Premier Energy has something for everyone willing to cut down their carbon footprint and help build a greener tomorrow for generations to come.

And guess what?? For you to support this green energy initiative, you do not need to spend a penny. Take the first step; JOIN THE GREEN BRIGADE and register for a Free of Cost energy survey of your home, office or factory.


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