Good bye Watts, Hello Lumens

Aesthetics have always been important to me and my family so when we thought about building our new home, I wanted everything to reflect our admiration for beauty and perfection. We all know that lighting is as important an element in a room as fabric, furniture or color; therefore, choosing the right lighting solution was a crucial decision. Since we hired the best interior designer in town, he very well guided us about the new trends in lighting, with more and more people switching from conventional incandescent and CFL bulbs to LEDs.

Gone are the days when higher wattage was equaled to brighter light as LED bulbs use less energy (watts) but provide the same amount of light (lumens).Today a rational customer is equally concerned about the payback and energy efficiency as much as they are about the aesthetic appeal of the lighting products. LED lights are Long Lasting and last up to 10 times as long as compact fluorescents and far longer than typical incandescent lights.

Since LEDs do not have a filament, they are not damaged under circumstances when a regular bulb would be broken. Moreover, LED lights do not cause heat build-up hence reducing the overall air conditioning cost in general and are ideal for the climatic conditions of our country. These mercury free lights are more energy efficient (imagine replacing a 24 watt energy saver with just a 9 watt LED bulb) and though are initially expensive, the cost is recouped over time in battery savings and on the electricity bills.

Apart from these benefits, the most interesting thing is that these aesthetically appealing lights are available in a wide variety of designs, from the modern sophisticated panel lamps to beautifully designed downlights, from rotatable tube lights to the compact energy efficient bulbs.

Although the decision to go for LEDs was made much easier by our Interior designers’ advice, choosing the right brand remained an obstacle. There were a number of names in the market and each promised nothing less than the best but the question was; “which brand to believe?” we adopted the age old method of going with the word of mouth. We had heard that a number of houses in the locality had not installed LEDs but a few of them had also opted for solar installation at their premises.

As we had to visit the locality multiple times during the week to have an idea of the ongoing construction, we conducted a small survey including informal visits and chit chat with the neighboring families. That is when we came to know about a UK based renewable energy company dealing in Solar and LED Lights known as Premier Energy. (Most of the neighbors remembered them as “Premier Waalay”).

We got excellent reviews about their products’ quality, installation services and most importantly round the clock after sales services.

One of the elderly Gentleman who had been living in the locality for the past 11 years explained how switching to LEDs and Solar has reduced his electricity bills by a considerable amount. He claimed to have reduced 60% of his energy consumption by simply replacing all the lights at his home with Premier Energy’s LED lighting range.

In short, the neighbors had convinced us enough to consider Premier Energy’s products for our home and say Good-bye to Watts and a big Hello to Lumens.

Next thing we did was call their head office and in less than an hour’s time Team Premier was at our service. The team conducted an energy conservation survey followed by detailed proposal on the savings (payback, monthly savings on the bill, lumens produced and similar financial calculations) that could result from installing LEDs. Moreover, the company offered Free of Cost installation services.

It has just been five months since we installed Premier Energy’s LED lighting System and we have already recovered the entire initial cost by saving on our electricity bills. And guess what, my father is so fond of their customer relationship management that he has asked Team Premier to conduct an audit for solar installation as well and by Mid March this year, we would be one of the homes powered by Premier Energy.

Happy Summers Ahead!!

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